Robust eating is not relating to autocratic dietary limitations, staying unrealistically scant draw out-moded, or depriving yourself of the foods you love. Understanding of, it’s settle judgement of colouring pregnant, having more ‚lan, improving your well-being, and boosting your mood. If you utilize overwhelmed via all the conflicting nutrition and slim notice minus there, you’re not alone.

Wondering wheatgrass helps in reducing inner / middle ear related problems. I’ve had symptoms of mild dizziness, tinnitus and vibration / buzzing feeling in the head continuosly for the last 2 to 3 months. A recent Brain MRI diagnosis revealed cholestorol granaluma of petrous apex. The Dr. suggests draining the fluid using a very complex surgery procedure. I’m a bit sceptical of the solution and looking for alternatives. I’ve been taking homeopathic medicines which has shown some relief. Appreciate any advise on this.

Sorry if you already posted this already, but can you purchases a frozen “cube” of wheat grass and add it to a smoothie and still reap all of the benefits?

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Hello, Every article I read about wheat grass it’s full of it praises and it definitely works. Recently I quit smoking after 13years and 2 days later started taking wheat grass powder mixed with water on an empty stomach. The first week I had normal break outs as usual, the second week I had breakouts on my back. I thought it’s like those detoxifying agent that initially has a reverse reaction. Third week I had breakouts on my chest for the first time in my life and after a few days that Is today I saw breakouts on my abs as well.. I have read just 1 more post like mine in countless ones about wheatgrass. So I think basically it’s working, its doing something that’s causing all this unusual breakouts but in so much quantity that it’s unbearable right now… So please advice. should I continue for a month and see how it goes?

Doctors aren’t taught about nutrition in medical school? I’m not sure what medical school you attended, but the one I attended (Columbia University School of Medicine) had quite a few courses which covered several aspects of nutrition. Also I’m not entirely sure what kinds of ideas you’re trying to spread, but the pharmaceutical companies do not influence the curriculum taught in medical school, nor do they influence the standardized tests that all practicing physicians need to complete. Physicians may have different views on what medicines (read: antibiotics etc.) should be prescribed where and when, but it is a doctors only wish to see his or her patients healthy, by whatever means necessary. Whether that’s medications produced by pharmaceutical companies or any natural product. Pharmaceutical companies do like to promote their products to doctors (it is a business like any other) and they do pay some doctors to speak for them or pay for the occasional lunch or dinner. However they are not paying any physicians directly to prescribe their antibiotics or other medications. In fact I would much rather give a generic rather than a brand-name antibiotic because I know it will be cheaper for the patient. Ultimately it doesn’t matter to me, medication is just a tool and if I could treat whatever the ailment without medication then that’s exactly what I would do – most physicians I’ve met have a similar philosophy to this.

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I believe strongly point to #26. Really Wheatgrass is an effective healer. I got a remedy from my protein problem by using wheatgrass. Great resource!

Wheatgrass powder is made from the tender young shoots of the Triticum aestivum - a common wheat plant that’s been cultivated for over 5000 years and was prized by the ancient Egyptians who considered its leafy blades both sacred and highly beneficial.

22. Wheatgrass juice is a superior detoxification agent compared to carrot juice and other fruits and vegetables.