Best THC Detox Methods To Get Weed Out of Your System

The body has been given many mechanisms to cleanse itself and is constantly eliminating waste. As the body makes energy, by-products of the energy process need to be eliminated. Think of a log burning in a fireplace. As the wood burns, heat energy is given off. Ashes are left over as remnants of the process. The body has several organs that detoxify the "ashes" of metabolism, namely the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin. For the body to feel its best, these organs need to be functioning well all the time. As the health of any of the detoxifying organs declines, the health of the entire body slips as well.

I see detoxification as one of the biggest changes that needs to be made in most people’s wellness plans. Too many people are counting calories and not enough people are counting chemicals and it’s time we paid attention with better detoxification practices.

3. Detox Through Your Digestive System.

Best Detoxes.

The lungs and kidneys are also major players in detoxification. The kidneys constantly filter the blood, with a portion of what they filter becoming urine. The body is nearly 75 percent water. Hydration is important for cells in the body to communicate, but also to help clear out waste the body no longer needs. The kidneys can become damaged through chronically high blood pressure, toxin exposure or other issues. For the kidneys, liver and lungs, it's best to avoid direct exposure to toxins like pesticides, herbicides and strong cleaners. Chemicals with strong fumes should not be dealt with in small, poorly ventilated areas. Strong toxins can be easily inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Cigarette smoke is an example of a collection of many toxins that can chronically burden the lungs. In fact, cigarette smoke actually paralyzes the cilium, or filtration system of the lungs, decreasing their overall function.

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We are exposed to tens of thousands of chemicals every day. While everyone should be working to reduce their daily toxin exposure, the truth of the matter is unless you live in a bubble – you can’t possible eliminate all toxin exposure. That being said, no one should rely on detoxification alone – read about how to Reduce Your Daily Toxin Exposure , in my free guide.

General day-to-day lifestyle habits enable the body to provide all the detox most of us will ever need. Every day the body works to cleanse itself. Give it the food, water, rest and sunshine it needs.

When it comes to being healthy, implementing detoxification techniques should be right up there with diet and exercise. This advice goes for everyone, but is especially important for anyone dealing with chronic health issues. Let’s look at the four detoxification organs more closely and learn how you can support each for optimal detoxification that goes beyond a trendy one time spring cleaning.