Even if you’ve never been a breakfast eater, are limited on time, or you’re not hungry in the morning, eat breakfast anyway—especially during your detox period. My favorite breakfast is eggs cooked in coconut oil with half of a sweet potato, sauteed. If you don’t have time, whip up a quick balanced smoothie and drink it on the road. You can also do dinner leftovers or a slice of egg bake . Spending five to ten minutes eating breakfast is a worthy investment.

5. Don’t wait until noon to eat. ⇒ DO: have breakfast within an hour of waking.

4. Don’t starve yourself. ⇒ DO: eat every three to four hours.

The Ultimate Detox Diet Food List (+ What to Avoid

Breakfast literally “breaks” your overnight “fast” and jumpstarts your metabolism! Your goal during a detox is to support your body — not stress it out — so you’ll want to do yourself a favor and eat within an hour of waking.

You should break any rule that doesn’t serve your body, mind and waistline. You need the right kind of detox to bring your body back to tip-top shape by giving your metabolism what it needs to run efficiently.

But every year, I see ten thousand ads, blogs, promotions and shows promoting detoxes that are not only useless — they’re actually damaging to your body!

A good detox gives your body exactly what it needs to heal from sugary, processed and carbohydrate-laden foods. The right detox helps you reach your health, energy and weight loss goals. After a long winter, or any rough stretch in your life, a detox can support you in getting back to your full potential (and best weight).