Speaking of treats, we cheated with avocados sprinkled with Maldon, and a little bone broth. But we also felt super indulged whenever we drank the Beauty Water, a clear tincture seemingly infused with roses. Even those who love water, don’t need it to be flavored, or favor lemon water first thing in the morning will still feel they’re having something special, in the vein of an afternoon trip to Starbucks, without the caffeine or the coffee breath.

Detox Diet.

All meals comply with a Paleo diet, and the set menu which changes weekly, is macro split, and the caloric intake is adjusted for whichever plan you choose. Meals can also can be customised for ‘fussy eaters’ or low FODMAP diets. They also sell Green Beard Juices, and variety snack packs that include 3 Irish, nutritious snack brands; Fulfil protein bars, Irish Biltong and Paleo Muffins.

Detox Kitchen - Healthy Meal Delivery

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Detox Diet - Bodychef Home Delivery Diet Plans

Delivers nationwide across Ireland and the UK, in a cooler box designed with a 24-hour shelf life once delivered. Delivery days for Dublin are Tuesday and Thursday, and Friday for all other addresses.

Even those with the skills and interest to prepare home-cooked meals have zero time to plan and shop, let alone execute interesting and healthy dishes.