Hot Yoga For Detox

Peake noted that activities like hot yoga and drinking more water do help support the body's natural detoxification process.

Our bodies are exposed to all sorts of toxins every day, including pollution and pesticides in the air, preservatives in the foods we eat, and the detergents and cosmetics we place on our skin. Are these things bad for the body? Probably.

While the idea of working out in a very hot room sounds dangerous, experts suggest that hot yoga probably is low-risk for most people.

"Like any sort of workout regime you should ease your way into it," Levey said. "Marathon runners don't start out running 26 miles. they start small and build."

She also cautions not to stretch past your limits. “Just be mindful in a heated environment that the muscles and tendons will be more pliable, so you have to also be more cognizant to not overexert, force, push, or prod yourself too deep into a posture."

> Head to Knee With Stretching Pose: Excellent for the immune and lymphatic systems, increasing circulation to the liver.

As for weight loss? “Sweat does not equal number of calories expended,” Matthews says. This is a misconception that goes far beyond just yoga, she adds. While you may lose a pound or so after hot yoga because you’ve sweat out water, once you rehydrate, you’ll gain it right back.

Your body, in a healthy state, was made to eliminate impurities. Breathing removes carbon dioxide from your lungs while your liver and kidneys filter your blood supply. Your lymphatic system moves toxins/toxics and excess fluids out of the body, as do your sweat glands. Hot yoga serves as the perfect catalyst – not only to aid in the removal of toxins/toxics via detoxification, but also to help keep your body in prime waste-busting form. Here’s how: