If you want to try the detox foot pad method, go ahead. Just remember, there are no facts backing this theory , and if it doesn’t work, you’ll just have to study something more factual in the quest to improve your health and detox your body.

Here’s How to Make Homemade Detox Foot Pads to Cleanse

The claims of these detox foot pads include removal of constant fatigue. Also, you are promised to get rid of joint pain and have fewer headaches .

Other bad habits, such as cigarettes, are greatly affecting the health of modern humans. Also, there is the pollution of the environment, unhealthy lifestyle… In this way, all different kinds of toxins are deposited in our body and make us less healthy species than any other inhabitant of Earth. In simple words, every day we are getting sicker .

Here’s How to Make Homemade Detox Foot Pads to Cleanse

The fourth step is to pour a little bit of this liquid to a piece of gauze, just enough to be soaked. If you use a self-adhesive gauze make sure that the sticky part does not get wet. If you wet the gauze too much, squeeze out any excess liquid.

This is something that many therapies promise, but do any of them really work? Is it truly possible to liberate your body from all the toxins ?

One great thing about making detox foot pads is the simplicity. They’re quick, easy, and cheap. Please note that this process should be done at bedtime. You will leave the pads on overnight and remove them upon waking up.