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Health and nutrition expert Jason Vale – author of the world's #1 best-selling juice plan "7lbs in 7 Days" – brings over a decade of research into juicing for optimum health and rapid but healthy weight-loss, in this easy to follow and effective juice plan.

Day Four.

In January I made a series of New Year Resolutions including learn how to do the splits, run 10k, stop falling over as much, and the annual promise of a health kick. It is now June and none of these depressingly unambitious resolutions have come to fruition.

Jason Vale 5lbs In 5 Days: Juice Detox | Beauty

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Aside from finishing the detox a day earlier than planned I would definitely consider the whole experience a success. Other than the inevitable side effects I experienced on the second day of detoxing I actually felt surprisingly well overall. There were occasional pangs of hunger, headaches and tiredness but no more than you would experience from a diet of processed food and sugary drinks.

Jason Vales Lose 5lb in 5 Days Juice Master Detox

“When the alarm goes off at 7am, I head downstairs and get out the juicer. I throw in three carrots, four florets of broccoli, some cucumber, celery, an apple and tiny bit of ginger. After reading Jason Vale's Juice Master book a couple of years ago, I've become a complete convert” Simon Nixon (founder of MoneySupermarket.com)

The juices drinks are all concoctions of freshly juiced fruit and vegetables with added boosters like wheatgrass and spirulina. The detox plans consists of consuming a juice drink every three hours throughout the day which approximates to 5-6 juices.

If you lead a hectic life I would also thoroughly recommend buying the juices rather than making them yourself. Prices for the three detox plans available at Xing are as follows: