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This smoothie might be small, but it’s loaded with nutrients. Just one cup of kale adds 8 percent of your recommended daily value of calcium, 10 percent of your recommended daily value of fiber, and 3 grams of protein. Most of the nutrients in the smoothie come from the kale.


This sounds very good. However, what can I use to substitute for the avocado. Thank you for any suggestions.

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Lemon-Lime Detox Smoothies - Young and Raw

1. Drinking lemon juice in the morning on a regular basis stimulates the bile-producing capacity of liver and helps in digestion.

We don’t have access to dandelion greens right now but if you do, I think they would make a beautiful addition to this smoothie. Oh and I also want to do a big shout out and give a virtual hug to Caleb (even though he’s sitting next to me on our pintrest account) for running to the store twice for limes, then lemons because he forgot them the first time around. Hehe.

The Lemon-Lime Green Smoothie recipe that Tracy shares with us below is from the “detox and cleansing” category. When it comes to a green smoothie detox Tracy advises readers to keep things simple and I completely agree. The most cleansing green smoothie recipes focus on fresh fruits and leafy greens blended with water or coconut water.