The Keto Flu: Symptoms and How to Get Rid of It

1. Stay hydrated. This is simple. Drink water. Lots of it and if you are going with reverse osmosis or distilled be sure to re-minerlize your water with a pinch of sea salt, a squeeze of lemon or a few drops of Ocean’s Alive marina phytplankton. This keeps the waste matter cleansing through. Or, of course, there is always our favourite green juice to get your cells all happy hydrated.

Some of the symptoms of a body detox may include: Tiredness and sluggishness, irritability, trouble sleeping or sleeping too much, muscle weakness and fatigue and/or lack of energy and motivation.

Now, how do you make this happen? There are different methods for you to achieve these results. One of the easiest and safest ways is probably to purchase a detoxification kit or body cleansing system. There are many different products out there on the market for you to choose from.

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If you want to succeed with your intentions with your body detox then it is important that you wait it out even if you do not always feel better right at first. Remember that your body reserves its energy for the important internal functions of the body so you might be low on energy during this process. You should try to take it easy physically and limit your social activities until your detox is complete and your body has time to begin to regenerate.

4. Brush off that skin . This is one of the easiest things and feels awesome. Using a loofah, or a dry skin brush, give your skin a brushing- like you do to your horses and your dogs. From tip to tail (or in our case, toes to head), always brushing towards the heart. You will stimulate your entire lymphatic system which helps detox the cells, cleanse the blood and let the skin breathe so the 2lb of waste matter we shed per day, can get on out!

Detoxification - Beat the Flu with A Body Detox

8. Stop moisturizing with Toxins . Our beauty care products are perhaps where we are taking in the greatest of our toxic load. One easy switch is moisturizer. Coconut oil is one of the best cheap, cheerful and clean beauty products we can use. A great moisturizer, hair treatment and make-up remover.

Many people do not understand the symptoms that will result from a body detox. They start feeling bad and they want to go back to their old ways claiming that they felt better before. They may feel poorly and low on energy during the detox process which causes them to go back to the thing they were trying to detox which reverses the process.

You need a system that can help you by: Removing heavy metals such as lead and mercury, detoxify your liver, kidneys and other organs even the brain, replenish the friendly bacteria with a pro-biotic formula and recharge your immune system with a powerful antioxidant support.