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100% plant-based, organic ready-to-eat meals. Delivered to

Highly recommend. The food is absolutely delicious! Unbelievable value. I treated myself to meals for the week to make up for having to cancel a long awaited break away in Wicklow after new restrictions in Dublin meant we could not travel. Happy out at home. Thank you Gormet Fuel. Fantastic se.

Fantastic service. The food is top quality and fresh with some great selections. I love the Mexican dishes! The customer service is also second to none. Whenever I have a question someone's on the live chat ready to assist. An example of how amazing the customer service is, was when Jane call.

I will have the food and give a separate review, but I really want to appreciate how cool their team is. Such nice folks!

Delicious gourmet meals.

Great value healthy food. If you're looking for a bit of structure in your diet without insane meal prep, this is the option.

Gourmet Fuel provide a great range of meal options. Key for me was the fact that majority of the meals were very tasty while also healthy and calorie portion controlled. Never got up from a meal feeling hungry which was a big plus. if i ever missed an order update online i was able to email in.

My husband and I have been ordering the Gourmet Fuel since July of this year, and this helped us a lot in terms of time and having a proper lunch with all necessary nutrients. We usually order the XL meal, and it serves us two! The taste and food seasoning are very good. We love the beef chil.

My Gourmet Fuel experience has been seamless! A great selection of meal types to suit everyone, even picky eaters like myself! The portion sizes are great and it’s a god send when you’re finding that there are not enough hours in the day, having the pre-made meals means I’m not reaching for so.