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My thoughts pre Arbonne: • You usually can’t trust MLM’s because they are more worried about screwing other people over than actually helping people • Arbonne Consultants don’t have the knowledge to be coaching you through a nutrition challenge • This is going to be a lot more money than it needs to be But I also thought… • This MLM has more “good” reviews than most • People see actual results- including personal friends of mine • I can’t judge it if I have never tried it.

If Arbonne wants to take truly allergenic foods out of peoples’ diets for 30 days, why didn’t they also eliminate the other top allergens, which are peanut and tree nuts, fish, eggs, and shellfish? Probably because those foods aren’t as trendy to eliminate as gluten and dairy are.

Digestion Plus helps you absorb and utilize the food that you’re eating throughout the day to maximize your body’s intake of important nutrients and start to heal.

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You add it to at least 32 ounces of water in the morning and finish all of it by the end of the day, all while staying on the same healthy eating program you’ve been following the previous 2 weeks.

PROS: The 30DHL comes with a lot of products, made with quality ingredients. Because it comes from one place, it is easy to keep track of and organize for the challenge. CONS: It is very expensive, you can find cheaper replacements online if you want to go looking. Some products really aren’t worth their cost.

Arbonne Body Cleanse — 7-Day Detox Ingredients and Review

To start the challenge you have to go through an Arbonne consultant. Personally, I used Hailey Vasquez . We have been instagram friends for a while, she has a heart for Jesus, she is super motivated in life, and she just graduated college with a BS in Nutrition. I think my experience with Hailey made a significant difference in my perception of Arbonne. Given that Hailey has a degree in Nutrition, she had a lot more knowledge and advice to give that wasn’t plagued with buzzwords and false information. Hailey also had a lifestyle approach- she encouraged me to make this a lifestyle change and create habits that would follow the challenge instead of living off of powders for 30 days then following back into old unhealthy behaviors.

To give you an idea of some healthy foods you might eat on the program, these foods are promoted in recipes in the program:

I did the 30 Days to Healthy Living challenge. I like how Hailey sold it too me-> as a lifestyle challenge, helping you develop healthy habits. However… this is not how most consultants framed it. “Cleanse” and “detox” were painted over most Arbonne consultants Instagrams. Personally, I don’t like these words because we can’t really detox our bodies like they make you think- if our body needs to detox, our liver and kidneys will do their thing and detox. You can clean up your diet and improve digestion! That is important! But you aren’t actually sweeping toxins out of your gut with glorified dandelion tea. For the 30 days, you are suppose to eliminate “allergen and toxic foods” AKA: