Here’s some good news about drinking lemon water: the naturally occurring vitamin C that’s found in lemons can help keep you healthy and free of illness. That’s because of the power vitamin C has in boosting your immune system.

Drinking Lemon Water Helps with Digestion.

Lemon Water Keeps You from Getting Sick.

The antioxidant called polyphenol that is found in the green tea blocks a molecule that triggers heart disease and cancer called VEGF.

Pairing Lemon Water with Green Tea Prevents Serious Illnesses.

Lemons also contain a fiber called pectin that’s been shown in studies to impact weight loss. Pectin can work as an anti-inflammatory agent, reducing bloating and puffiness. It also can assist in reducing the absorption of fat in your body and regulating your insulin (blood sugar) levels.

This is why it is particularly important that you put the entire lemon in your water after you squeeze it (if it is well-washed and you can handle the more potent taste).

Lemon Water Can Boost Your Metabolism.