A healthy detox diet is a plan that aims to improve your body’s natural processes by changing the food you eat. According to the Mayo Clinic , these diets aren’t scientifically proven to be effective. But they are recommended by natural healthcare practitioners to treat a number of symptoms from fatigue to headaches.

Everything seems possible in spring. It’s the season of hope, of fresh life and new beginnings. It’s also the perfect time to turn over a fresh leaf and embark on a detox plan!

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Try keeping a bottle of fresh spring or mineral water on your desk and pause for regular sips. Make fresh juices part of your life. Invest in a good-quality juicer and enjoy nourishing energy-packed fresh fruit and vegetable juices whenever you can. Cut down on your alcohol intake. Drink two glasses of water for every alcoholic beverage. Try diluting your drinks (i.e., enjoy spritzers instead of straight wine; small spirit measures plus a liberal dose of fresh juice instead of strong drinks). Cut out “junk” and processed foods. They’re one of the quickest routes to toxic (and fat) overload, and they are surprisingly expensive! If you’re short on time, go for a better brand of “fast food”: a healthy sandwich, some eggs, fruit or a salad. Cut down on your caffeine intake. Try cutting out just one cup of coffee a day and replacing it with herbal tea, hot lemon and water (deeply detoxifying) or a natural coffee substitute instead. Gradually replace another cup, and then another. The same goes for caffeinated sodas. Introduce regular exercise into your life. Learn the yogic Sun Salutation and make it part of your morning routine. Take an after-dinner walk with your partner. Keep a jumprope in your desk drawer. Try a new sport. Just get moving on a regular basis. Try skin-brushing before your shower or bath. Brushing skin while dry has special benefits, but Epsom salt soaks and natural salt polishes are good too. Practice good, deep breathing. Even if it’s just for five minutes a day, take time out to focus on your breath, allowing your abdomen to press out as you breathe in, and flatten as you breathe out. Spend a few moments before you get out of bed just focusing on your breath. Switch to nontoxic natural alternatives for cleaning materials around the home. If you dry-clean your clothes, take them out of the wrapping and leave them outside in the fresh air for at least an hour before bringing them into your closet. Look for natural, non-petroleum, non-chemical cosmetics , skin-care and hair-care products (for suggestions, see “A Good Long Look”). Pay particular attention to leave-on products (like foundations, lotions, powders and sunscreens) that remain in contact with your skin for extended periods of time. Ditto lipsticks, balms and glosses that you are likely to ingest.

Cut back on sugar.

6 Things You Should Know Before Starting A Detox Diet.

Detox Diet Benefits.

Long-term draconian detoxing or fasting can also leave the body depleted of vital vitamins and minerals. And in some cases, avoiding a large number of foods over a long period of time can actually contribute to the development of food intolerances. So be cautious of anyone advising long-term, stringent measures – particularly any that aren’t prescribed specifically for your body chemistry and metabolism.