Flor Essence tea Essiac tea for Health and Detox

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7. Optional: cloth, extraction bags are convenient, sanitary, and reusable. Use one cloth extraction bag for each packet.

Flor-Essence or Essiac medicinal tea: instructions for making.

6. Glass storage containers: one 32 oz. glass bottle for each packet you are brewing. Alternately, two 17 oz. bottles (which are easier to handle) can be used for each packet. Dark or amber glass is preferable but not necessary.

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10. Mark the date of brewing on the bottles , place in refrigeration, and use within 90 days.

Use a medium-sized, covered pot (not aluminum), large enough to allow the herbal tea blend to boil vigorously without overflowing.

Each 2.2 oz. box of Flor-Essence Tea contains 3 packets. Each packet makes approximately 1 quart of tea. You can choose to brew one, two, or three of the packets’ contents each time. Simply put, just boil clean water with the tea, allow the herbs to concentrate in the water for several hours, then reheat the brew again and pour the strained contents into a glass container(s). Equipment/materials required for best results: 1.Use only non-fluoridated, non-chlorinated water. Purified water or spring water is ideal.