Dehydration isn’t the only downside. The laxative qualities in the plants interacts with the gut in a different way than fiber does, which is why it’s not bad for you to eat fibrous foods. These qualities interact with your gut in a way that can disrupt how your digestive system actually works, and cause it to stop functioning without the help of the tea. That’s right, you’ll need more help with doing the do because your body has stopped doing it for you. All teas discourage prolonged use for this exact reason.

Before you put complete faith in the celebrities marketing these teas, there are a few important things to know about the actual products, which are unlikely to be included in the advertising caption.


Before we look into how well Teatoxes work, we have to understand what they’re doing, or at least what they are claiming to do.

The Downsides.

When is the Best Time to Drink Detox Tea? (According to

Where does this leave us?


Weight loss teas have been taking social media by storm. If you follow any celebrity on Instagram, it’s likely you’ve been marketed a weight loss, or detox tea. These teas are marketed as miracle products, with the ads containing fit bodies, flat stomachs and claims of a loss of 10 pounds in a week.