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DETOX CREAM contains two innovative active ingredients derived from yeast and avocado, which have been shown to increase the activity level of the cells. The detoxifying mechanisms of the skin are supported and deposits are broken down. Vitamin C Isopalmitate and vitamin E acetate also protect the skin from oxidative stress.

Detox Cream | 50ml | Janssen Cosmetics

• Avocado peptide : Recycles cell waste products to form new energy; proteasome activity is verifiably increased; cell toxin cleavage and the transformation of these into elements for healthy new proteins are stimulated.

• Vitamin C isopalmitate : Water-soluble vitamin C in stabilized form; penetrates readily into the skin and serves as a radical scavenger; particularly protects proteins against oxidative skin damage.

With a peeling, dead skin cells are removed resulting in a radiant complexion. Get some advice from a trained beautician for the right kind of peeling that best suits your skin type.

Detox is short for "detoxification". In skin care, detox means that the skin is freed from toxins that have accumulated over food, environmental influences, or stimulants such as cigarettes or alcohol. Skin detox is a fasting cure for the skin and therefore fits perfectly into the spring. Bye bye winter! Away with the superfluous kilos on the scales, impure skin and the bad mood! A detox cure for the body can be the right solution.

Estée Lauder NightWear Plus Antioxidant Night Detox Creme.