The Top 10 Detox Foods and How to Use Them to Detoxify

5. Cabbage Cabbage is an affordable kitchen staple widely recognized for its detox properties. The nutritious vegetable contains glucosinolates, which promote your body’s elimination of carcinogens (cancer causing materials) and sweep away impurities. Dijon Roasted Cabbage is a delicious choice when looking for detox recipes.

3. Water Perhaps the cheapest, quickest way to wave goodbye to impurities. Water is essential for overall health and flushes toxins through your kidneys and liver. By drinking a large glass of water first thing in the morning, your body will reap its detox benefits!

4. Lemons A little lemon juice mixed with water makes the perfect easy, ultra-effective detox drink. Lemons are packed with vitamin C and compounds that restore your body’s alkaline-acid balance, which helps flush dietary and environmental toxins. You’ll love No-Bake Lemon Berry Cups at only 118 calories each.

Top 20 Detox Foods.

These 20 superfoods contain powerful detox-friendly properties that work to flush toxins from your system. They’re a safe alternative to any severe detox program. Add these foods to yummy recipes or enjoy solo. Either way, your skin, blood, and cells will benefit from these nutritional powerhouses, helping you feel amazing and glow with good health.

After eating too many sugary sweets and fattening treats, you might be feeling a little blah. Unfortunately, you can’t turn back time and prevent the junk from accumulating in your system. But you can clean it out with a detox! No, we don’t mean starving through an extreme regimen that involves a liquid diet and wheat grass shots. Squeezing in a few foods with detoxing powers can cleanse your body while giving you a nice energy boost.

1. Basil Native to the Mediterranean, this uniquely sweet herb overflows with antioxidants and is full of flavor. The terpenoids in basil helps your kidneys function properly and behaves as a diuretic, helping the body expel unwanted toxins. Basil Pesto goes great with most any type of pasta.