3-Day Detox Diet Plan and Cleanse Recipes for Rapid Weight

Moore's Detox & Refresh programmes educate and equip her clients with the knowledge they need to make lifelong adaptations to their diets in order to encourage optimal detoxification. A kick-off seminar is followed by daily support through an online forum during clients’ transition period. Though the programme lasts 21 days, it’s far from a quick fix: clients continue to implement changes to their diet afterwards, with the aim of leading a healthier lifestyle in the long term.

"There is a lot of research to show supplements can help. If you take one thing, I recommend globe artichoke, to help the liver.

Now you know the 5 Reasons you need to Detox this January – this simple weekend detox diet is a weekend gift you can give yourself for health. The main staple of this diet is Kitchari, a nourishing mix of rice and lentils (see below). One weekend will make you feel better – but it is only a step in the right direction. However, all of these ideas and more—plus a step-by-step plan of how to make them work for you—are in my phenomenal 21-Day Anti-Inflammatory Cleanse. The best way to reset your life is a simple month long customized detox. If you’re inspired to detox, end your food addiction and your sugar and carb cravings, and renew and reboot your health to get back to balance, check out the Anti-Inflammatory Cleanse.

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The medical definition of detox is clear. A natural process carried out by the liver, kidneys, skin, and lungs, detoxing flushes away toxins that would be harmful if they stayed in your body. Toxins might be alcohol or pollutants from the air – or they might be byproducts of natural processes, such as the ammonia that is produced when your body digests protein (the liver turns it into urea and it gets flushed out in urine).

Excess sugar in the body leads to dehydration, so try having one pint of water every time you feel hungry.

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As if on cue, many a vow to detox , juice, diet and generally have a lifestyle overhaul follow the festive period.

In general, those who give up alcohol for one to two weeks report better quality of sleep, and see improvements in their skin.

Say No to: Sweet fruits, juices or vegetables; breads, cookies, pastries, sweets, dairy, cheese, fried food, canned food, nuts, alcohol, oils, salt, sugar, legumes or grains (except kitchari).