Does Detoxing from Alcohol Mean I Can Never Drink Again

If you have answered “yes” to 2 or more of these questions, it would suggest that you would not be able to control your drinking in future. If that is the case, is it really worth taking the risk to find out?

You may find answering the following questions helpful in getting to the truth of your own alcohol addiction :

Is there anything I can take to help me moderate my drinking in future?

Detoxing After Detox: The Perils of Post-Acute Withdrawal

If you are thinking about drinking again after a detox, it is probably a bad idea. My suggestion to you would be to discuss your thoughts with someone who understands and has experience of alcohol addiction. If they are familiar with your troubles, they are likely to be able to offer you some sound advice and may even share their own experiences with you in order to help.

Feeling Fatigue After Quitting Alcohol? A Common Symptom

Think about it! How often do you see media coverage of celebrities who have attended yet another rehab? Rehabs don’t just treat the physical addiction , but equip the individual with much knowledge of alcoholism and how that relates to their own drinking patterns. If knowledge of addiction was enough to help control drinking, these guys would be experts in drinking safely!

Drinking alcohol after detox.

Alcohol detox : does it really mean we can never drink again? This is a common question that crosses the mind of practically every individual that suffers from an alcohol addiction. Unfortunately there is no stead fast answer, as everyone is different. There is a general consensus however that leans heavily towards permanent abstinence. Looking at the truth of your own alcoholic addiction will help you to decide if it is likely you will never be able to drink safely again.