I'm right here where you left me experimenting Bored out of my fucking mind. Please, give me a sign, please, show me a sign Please, show me that you're alive.

(The human brain An unbelievable complex of nerve cells That turns sound vibrations into pleasure Meanwhile the passage of blood One step at a time Will continue to be? Even after it has been removed from the body)

The city breathes so softly Everything is sleeping I am at the window silently watching I can see you standing Alone against the winter I can hear you asking, but the streets, they are not giving Don't look to the ocean Restless in its dreaming Don't look to the heavens for they will tell you nothing If living is for learning Then dying is forgetting Once we have forgotten then we can go on loving.

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10. Centipede.

. underneath the waves. They're underneath the waves. They’re underneath the fucking waves. They're underneath the waves.

OZ - DETOX lyrics + English translation

Devy in the corner of his teen year Born to run away Children in the middle with the village idiot So he never made the potty grade.

[Verse 3: Frisco] I go so hard Mum told me I should take it easy Sorry, mum, I am a grime star And you know my ting stay off the heezy Please believe me, respect the turn up Boy Better Know any time we turn up It's mad, empty bottles of Hennessy Still I'm on point, slap two at my enemy This year, I tried to turn down couple time Fam, who am I kidding?

Tired of waiting Tired of fighting Tired of waiting for fucking nothing Sick of lying Sick of trying Tired of waiting for fucking nothing.