Ditch the Danishes and cream-topped lattes for a treat that will also cleanse your system. Smoothies and juices are super quick to make and packed full of essential vitamins and natural sugars that won't leave you grouchy with caffeine crash. We particularly love beetroot juice combined with either apples and grapefruit or pomegranates and oranges for a colourful start to the day.

Weekends are generally when people go out and eat relatively unhealthy foods. A general rule of key to follow for a healthy body and mind is to indulge in your favourite junk foods in moderation and only during a given day in the week. Coming back to detox, there are certain foods that you can add to your daily meals which can help flush out toxins from your system and give a much-needed boost of essential vitamins and minerals. These foods can help your body rejuvenate and revitalise and make you feel ready to take on the challenges of everyday grind.

Detoxing Breakfast Recipes | POPSUGAR Fitness

4. Spaghetti Squash Hash Browns.

Though the average human body is hardwired in such a way so as to detox naturally, it is good to detox every now and then. A good time to detox is really any time you decide to go for it. Experts recommend going for a detox after a sustained period of constantly overindulging. Further, it is said that change of season is the ideal time to detox.

Detox Diet – 3-Day & 7-Day Plan For Cleansing & Weight Loss

10. Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowls.

A substantial breakfast not only gives you leaps and bounds more energy, it reduces morning grumpiness and keeps your focus sharper.