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Over time, a tolerance to benzos can occur requiring the person to take higher doses in order to produce the same effects. After taking a benzodiazepine regularly for even a few weeks, the brain may become dependent on the chemical interaction in order to continue to function in what it now considers a “normal” manner. This is considered physical dependence. It is often followed by addiction, which is characterized by compulsive drug-seeking behavior and tolerance as well as physical and psychological dependence.

For complex cases, stabilizing the dose at a 50% reduction for several months before resuming the taper may improve tolerability.8 At the end of the taper, some patients may need to reduce the pace with nearly homeopathic dosage reductions to tolerate the withdrawal. Compounding pharmacies can be used to obtain very small doses near the end of the taper.

Withdrawal Management - Clinical Guidelines for Withdrawal

Although some patients may prefer a quicker taper, this must be balanced with the severity of potential withdrawal symptoms. Some researchers advocate for a prolonged schedule in which the patient can exert some control over the pacing,5 whereas others recommend a fairly rapid schedule (eight to 12 weeks), with the option to slow down if withdrawal symptoms become unmanageable.8 For some patients, tapers longer than six months may lead to too much focus on the taper process, causing further anxiety and possible worsening of long-term outcomes.6 , 8 Still, other patients may do much better with slower, longer tapers. Even benzodiazepine tapers lasting one to two years can be successful.

People who are not dependent on drugs will not experience withdrawal and hence do not need WM. Refer to the patient's assessment to determine if he or she is dependent and requires WM.

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When to Taper Benzodiazepines.

When to Taper Benzodiazepines.