During the raw phase especially, I was buying bulk produce every single day at the local co-op market. Before, I would buy precut and washed produce because it’s convenient for when I work – I still think this is perfectly fine, but I really noticed a difference in my skin, teeth and body overall when buying fresh. (Still needing to be prepared for work, I cut what I need for the next day and put it in an airtight container in my fridge, ready for the next morning.)

Day 4.

The 14-Day Food Detox - Oxygen Mag

Mercury | Mercury is a naturally occurring metal. However, large fish can absorb it into their bodies where it converts to methylmercury, a highly toxic substance. Avoid fish that are high in mercury content like tuna, mackerel, shark, swordfish and tilefish.

Re-evaluate your list of complaints. If you feel better now than you did before the test, or if you lost weight, chances are you were previously eating too much carbohydrate and would benefit by lowering your intake. Any weight loss during the test is not due to reduced calories, as many people eat more calories than usual during this two-week period. It’s due to the increased fat-burning resulting from reduced insulin production. While there may be some water loss, especially if you are sodium sensitive, there is real fat loss.

Gut health detox: 14-day gut cleanse to boost your

The 14-day gut cleanse that actually works.

Dr. Phil Maffetone’s 14 day weight loss and cleansing test is a great way to get started on a program that will detoxify your body safely and with great results!

Costello says the key to restoring vitality is to eliminate unhealthy foods and sabotaging addictive habits.