What are the benefits?

Start off your day by gulping down a glassful of lemon water. Just take hot water in a glass and squeeze a lemon in it. Next, instead of doing heavy workout, perform relaxing yoga. For your breakfast, go for lighter options such as boiled eggs and a strawberry smoothie. After that, have a cup of green tea a couple of hours before your lunchtime.

How to Detox, Same Day Cleanse Herbal Clean Detox

How to go about the afternoon?

Lastly, what to have for dinner?

Diet cleanses: 5 ways to cleanse your body in 1 day - TODAY

How to start your morning?

Here's how to perform a one-day body detox.

Whether you indulged in heavy-duty partying last night or just have been feeling a bit low lately, a one-day body detox procedure can come pretty handy. It will help you reflect on your unhealthy choices, so that you can make way for a healthier lifestyle. For your detox diet plan, follow this rather rudimentary guide.