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During this phase, you can determine if your symptoms are due to foods or something else. If your symptoms still remain after removing the foods for 2–3 weeks, it is best to notify your doctor.

Is it a food sensitivity? Or just normal digestion?

Step 1: Take stock of your symptoms.

What are the benefits of an elimination diet?

A pre-cleanse on the elimination diet allows us to slowly reduce major food sensitivities and transition off of coffee, sugar, and alcohol without the pressure of the cleanse protocol. We will also be able to determine which foods on the elimination diet we prefer.

21 day elimination diet | Detox & Body Cleanse

The first two days of the Elimination Diet is a detoxification phase intended to rest the gut, provide essential detox nutrients, and reduce inflammation. This means two days of: fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies, puréed vegetable soups, and herbal teas. I've got a lot of delicious recipes to experiment with during this time! In the photo below you'll see my refrigerator stocked with colorful veggies and soups. I prepped them all on one day since we have busy work-days.


Elimination diets: How and why to do them.