How To Use Detox Drinks For Drug Tests

Unless you’re a vampire, it isn’t a bad idea to use garlic pills to help your body detox. Garlic can eliminate THC as long as you consume a reasonably large amount each day. This is the main reason why we recommend using pills rather than trying to eat lots of raw garlic!

There are many natural ways to detox, and they are often safer than using products like detox drinks. These organic detox methods can not only flush out metabolites but also improve your energy levels, mood, and general wellness.

Cabbage Broth: For a satisfying hot drink, simmer a head of cabbage in addition to carrots, onions as well as a pinch of salt, then strain and drink. You may also add other vegetables to pack more nutrients into this hot detox drink, which can be quite effective for detoxifying your liver.

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A study by Habboushe et al., published in the Basic Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology journal in June 2018, looked at New Yorkers who used weed at least 20 times a month.

6 – Garlic.

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Also known as an ascorbate cleanse, a vitamin C flush could help remove toxins from the body. According to advocates of this method, you need to consume extremely high levels of vitamin C at regular intervals until your stool is watery. Vitamin C is believed to boost the immune system, help your body absorb minerals, aid the body in warding off infections, and protect the body from toxins.

8 – Epsom Salt Bath.

If this doesn’t sound appealing, you can purchase special powdered or liquid supplements to do the job. Some must be taken through the rectum, while others are designed for oral consumption. Products include magnesium, enzymes, herbal teas, enemas, and laxatives. The risks of natural colon cleansing include mineral imbalance, vomiting, kidney failure, and bowel perforation.