Clean Soil Detox – Dr Earth

After I graduated college, I had years of sleepless nights. The cleanse somehow made my sleep better and more restful. I’m going to put my money on that by removing all the sugar I was eating an hour before I headed to bed, this helped me fall asleep faster and better.

Bloat, be gone!

I enjoyed the cleanse so much that I found myself craving the foods I ate while on the Clean Program. Knowing how good I felt while on the cleanse, it just encouraged me to keep going after the three weeks. I am happy to say that I still have one smoothie a day.


On the final day of the cleanse, my mom and sister looked at me and asked what products I’d been using for my skin recently because it looked "flawless." I hadn’t changed a thing—except for my entire diet. It was 100 percent the cleanse.

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Yes, you absolutely can! I was pretty obsessed with Eating Evolved Chocolate during the cleanse. One bar has no sugar and is absolutely delicious. The others are made with coconut sugar, but luckily this is Clean Program–approved.

What I learned: Coffee gives me brain fog and makes me a bit nutty (so, I limit it to once a week or a special occasion), kombucha also gives me serious headaches (bummer), eggs make me feel great (thank god!), and sugar makes me crash faster than it ever did before.

Clear eyes and glowing skin for days.