Detox Liver with Warm Water & Lemon First Thing in the Morning

A cup of hot lemon water in an empty stomach cleanses and energizes your body, while it makes you crave for healthy food for the rest of day. After a couple of weeks already, I could notice that my regular diet had changed a little bit. I was constantly craving for natural ingredients, vegetables and fruits instead of processed food that was disappearing progressively from my diet. With a direct impact on my digestion, I felt much less tired and more energized.

Now, after a couple of months, it simply became a habit and now I cannot start the day without this miraculous drink that keeps my body in good shape on the inside. Because of the acidity found in fresh lemon juice, it can be a little bit rough to drink it with hot water only. So my suggestion is to you infuse a handful of fresh mint leaves and a few slivers of ginger, then add a hint of cayenne pepper – a good source of vitamin A, the anti-infection nutrient. You can even sweeten your drink with a drop of honey or agave syrup if you wish.

Morning is my favorite time of the day and I believe that a good and healthy morning routine is a great start to your day: you feel refreshed and embrace the day in a good mood with a smile on your face. I partnered here with God MorgonĀ® to share with you my perfect morning routine in 2 easy steps. It’s starts with this simple drink!

Hot Lemon Water.

Drink Hot Water to Detox, Energise and Lose Weight?

But let’s face it, except a bunch of very organized (and morning!) people, we have to admit that we rarely take time to exercise before going to work. In addition, we are not equal in terms of sleep. Some people need to sleep a lot while others (like me) have enough with a few hours of sleep only. There is no good or bad with it, we are all different, that’s all.

Taking this into consideration, my very first tip is a very simple one and accessible to everyone, the first thing you should do right after jumping off the bed. You don’t have time to go to the gym before going to work? That’s ok, you can still take good care of your body by drinking a cup of hot water with fresh lemon juice. The combination of lemon with water will clean your liver from toxins and wake up your digestive track.

You might not be totally convinced at this point, and neither was I at first. However I was very intrigued by this allegedly miraculous beverage and since it’s totally natural (very important to me), I did the experiment for a month. It didn’t take long before I noticed the results.