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Heavy Metal Detox Diet: Symptoms and Recommended Foods

Bone broth. This highly nutritious beverage helps to hydrate our body and provides amino acids and minerals, which supports liver health.

There are various benefits of doing heavy metal detox as it helps to improve energy levels, reduce oxidative stress and free radical damage, improve gut health and immunity, for good digestive function, improves mental and skin health, and protects against autoimmune diseases and cognitive disorders.

Shilajit. It contains plenty of carbon and is a natural chelator. It can be consumed between the doses of 100-500 milligrams every day.

It is also quite beneficial to undergo a heavy metal detox, which helps to remove the heavy metals accumulated in the vital organs of our body.

Heavy metal poisoning or toxicity is highly harmful to our health and one should undergo a medical test to confirm regarding this heavy metal poisoning.

Dangers of Heavy Metals & How to Do a Heavy Metal Detox

Any kind of known food allergen. If our body is busy fighting any ailment then it will not be able to detoxify our system from heavy metal toxins.

Chelation is a medical procedure that can be easily performed at home to remove heavy metals present in our vital organs and other parts of the body. However, it is recommended that this chelation process should be carried out by a professional doctor as it may otherwise lead to some serious side effects.