Detox foot pads: Do they work? Are they a Scam



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The reflexology points on the top, arch and heel of the sole of your feet represent different parts of your body. Please see the diagram on the reverse side of the box. You must throw away the patches after one use. Reuse of used patches will not be effective in your detoxification effort. Used patches cannot be reused because they will: contain the toxins from your body, especially if the sachets appear dark in colour harden once they are exposed to moisture (including moisture in the air)

Before bedtime, clean and dry your feet. Prepare two new patches. See Note 2. Remove the cellophane cover from the adhesive sheet. Remove the sachet from its outer bag and stick (the side with the logo) on the sticky surface of the adhesive sheet. If the sachet appears dark in colour, it means that you will need to continue using the patches on the same part of your body. If there is no change in the colour of the sachet, it may be that there is no toxin to be expelled from that part of your body, or that the patch was applied on an area with too few reflexology points. See Recommendations 1 and 2.

How Do Detox Foot Patches Work? | LEAFtv

How To Use Detox Foot Patches / Plasters / Pads.

For the purpose of this document, we will use the word "patches" when referring to patches / plasters / pads.