* a note on milk alternative: soy mimics estrogens and 90% of soy is now GMO- not a great choice for a cleanse.

Are you feeling the energy drag after you eat? Digestion a tad sluggish? Desire a metabolic or immunity boost? Nutritionists recommend smaller meals more frequently to prevent the body from overload. Toxicity seems to be cumulative and can create a whole slew of health concerns. Detoxing is useful for targeting causes of unexplained body pain and helps the body recover from prolonged effects of stress. It can reverse (or at least shine a light on) food allergies, speed recovery time from illness, clear up skin and balance hormones.

It really depends on what you hope to achieve. A quick reset? Your next three-day weekend is a good trial run. Have more time and hope to jump start a weight loss or new fitness regimen? Two weeks is better. If you are really in it for the long term and hope to invite a new relationship to food, a month is a solid target. Success comes through moderation, simplicity, variety, managing time with rest, creating healthy habits and setting realistic goals.

Why detox.

DIY Detox: How to Create Your Own Detox Cleanse – Bella

The only way to stop eating sugar is to stop eating sugar. Use honey (sparingly) instead. Buy dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate. Forget packaged, frozen, canned and processed foods. This means more prep time to cook all your meals. Your body will know the difference and after the first week sugar cravings are non-existent.

A handful of years ago detoxing was approached with curiosity and maybe a little skepticism. It has now become a popular method for jump starting a weight loss plan and is recommended by many naturopathic physicians as a safe way to combat fatigue, headaches and autoimmune disorders. While the body cleanses itself constantly, it can be beneficial to facilitate deeper healing by doing a detox. It is important to be strategic about your cleanse and prepare in advance so you have plenty of time to rest considering you may be consuming less calories than you are used to.

Prepare to detox.