Cucumber Smoothie | How To Make Cucumber Detox Smoothie

Step 4: Wet Ingredients.

Since they are so high in water (over 95%, remember!) cucumbers also aid the body in eliminating excess sodium, which can contribute to higher blood pressure.

Cucumbers also contain a healthy dose of potassium, at 160mg per cup. If you’re wondering why that matters – potassium-rich diets are known to lower high blood pressure.

Detox Lemon Cucumber Smoothie : 6 Steps (with Pictures

The bottom line is this – if you want to shed fat, you need to be eating cucumbers. They’ll bulk up your meals (so you can reduce calories without feeling deprived) and they will help you make healthier choices in general.

9. Cleans out toxins.

Thanks to their amazing nutrient density, you will get full before you will get fat from eating cucumbers. Think of your stomach like valuable real-estate… you should make sure the space is being taken up by good quality stuff, not food that will make you fat and sick.

Step 2: Prep the Produce.

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