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I don't think souping is a sustainable lifestyle long-term, nor do I think simply replacing solids with liquids is an effective way to diet for weight loss. But as far as cleanses go, soups were easy enough to stick with, satiating enough not to completely hate, and a good way to kickstart a more thoughtful approach to eating.

We love this Lentil + Mesuite Soup packed with sweet potatoes, kale, purple corn, and a savory touch of cacao. Daily Harvest's weekly or monthly delivery plans make it super easy to build your own customizable soup cleanse or detox diet.

5 Day Juice and Soup Cleanse – Juice Revolution

As much as possible. Coconut water, decaf herbal tea's, Aloe Vera juice and ideally 2 litres of filtered water per day.

I can't say I didn't miss the sensation of eating solid food. Even though I wasn't lacking nutrients or calories, the idea that I was limited to liquids made me feel like I was restricting myself, which didn't put me in the best of moods.

Detoxify in One Week with Juices and Soups - Step To Health

Soup Cleanse.

Whether you sip these varieties as a meal replacement or work them into your own style of soup cleanse, we highly recommend these nutrient-dense bone broths.

Our juices are delivered in a single delivery. The juices have been through a chilled process which locks in nutrients and keeps them fresh for the period of the cleanse. Juices need to be placed into a freezer immediately on arrival and then taken out to defrost 12 hours before (the night before) needing to consume them.