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If I did do it again, I would start by drinking half a cup of weakly-brewed Colon Cleanse Tea, and work my way up to a whole cup of fully brewed tea.

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**update: After writing this review and thinking about the experience some more, I have let my curiosity get the better of me. I am going to try the TeaMi detox one more time and see if I still have good weight loss results with it now that my motivation has decreased a bit and my rate of weight loss has slowed down.**

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On average, on the days I drank the colon tea, I had to use the bathroom about 5-7 times throughout the day. After the first time, the cramps slowly lessened until I wasn't getting any cramps when I drank the tea. I found that if I drank the tea as late as possible (10-11pm) I wouldn't have to wake up any earlier than normal the next day. (I typically wake up around 7-8am)

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The Colon Cleanse Tea smelled horrible. It had a very sickly odor that made me really dread drinking it the first time. My roommate did not think it smelled bad, so maybe it was just some olfactory memory I have of something unpleasant. That being said, it tasted fine. Again, pretty non-descript. I added honey and drank it right before bed.

I have considered all of the contributing factors to my difficulties, and come up with several things I was doing at the same time as the detox that may have compounded with the effects of the teas.

The Colon Cleanse Tea REALLY did its job. I had very regular bowel movements before I started the detox, so adding the colon cleanse was a bit of a shocking experience for me. On the first morning after I drank the Colon Cleanse Tea, I was awoken in the wee morning hours with horrible stomach cramps. Having had food poisoning before, I knew what was happening. I road out the cramps for about 30 minutes before I was finally able to use the restroom and get back to sleep. I awoke again an hour or two later with cramps and went through the whole ordeal again.