Clean 9 Detox – Days 1 and 2 – The Diary of a Lagos Mum

You’re then meant to do twenty minutes of exercise. I didn’t do my full workout – only about forty minutes.

My Clean 9 Detox pack arrived on Tuesday morning (see previous post about drama surrounding delivery) and I just couldn’t wait to get started on Wednesday morning.

Lunch consisted of two Garcinia Plus tablets, 120 ml of Aloe Vera gel (puke), a meal replacement vanilla shake (300 ml) and two more Bee Pollen tablets. All the reviews I read said that the shakes were yummy. For me… I’m not so sure. It might be because of the UHT milk we get here. But it is certainly better than the Aloe Vera!

Forever Living Clean 9 Detox Programme - day 1 - YouTube

I forced LagosDad to try the Aloe Vera gel, which he did reluctantly. He then proceeded to tell me that it wasn’t *that* bad and that I was making it worse for myself by taking so long to drink it. *tuts* (What does he know anyway?)

I woke on day 2 (yesterday) feeling pretty… ok, actually. The structure of the ‘meals’ was the same as the day before, but I didn’t have any headaches, I didn’t feel hungry and I didn’t throw up!

Clean 9 days.: Clean 9 Day 1. 210lbs.

I woke on Wednesday morning, had my two Garcinia Plus soft gels and waited 20 minutes before having the 120 ml of Aloe Vera gel. I’d read several reviews about this detox and all of them said that the Aloe Vera gel tastes disgusting. I thought I was prepared for how disgusting. Really, I wasn’t. I don’t even know how to describe the taste.

The Diary of a Lagos Mum.

As it happens, I had to go do groceries after that. We all know going to the supermarket when hungry is a big mistake. BIG. Everything (and I really mean everything) I saw on the shelves suddenly looked ten times more delicious. I wanted to buy and eat things I’d never even tried before!