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My 3 Day Juice Detox Verdict.


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Jason Vales 3 day detox - Conclusion | Planet Veggie

Day One.

Weight: Down 4.2lbs Body Fat: Up 0.7% Belly: Considerately flatter and no longer bloated.

Day 3 of Jason Vale Detox Diet - YouTube

The recipes made just under a litre of each juice, so it was quite a lot and I felt quite full after having half a litre. That feeling didn’t last long though! Just before I was due to have my lunch juice my stomach felt like it capsized and had begun digesting itself. I went from feeling satisfied and thinking ‘I can do this’ to fantasising about anything and everything I could chew. I ran for my lunch juice but I really didn’t enjoy the taste. I struggled to drink it and my stomach was threatening to become a black hole. In a moment of weakness I reached for a Clif bar and my stomach instantly felt better, but my pride was hurt.

I’m getting a bit bored of drinking red liquid and my hands are very dry after washing the juicer three times already today.