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Stage One of Alcohol Withdrawal.

In other words, medically supervised detox can help users get and stay clean from drug abuse.

The Stages of Detox | Hill Country Detox

Keep in mind that you will get through this phase one day. Bulldozing your way through this phase will make you exhausted. And once you’re exhausted, you will probably try to escape.

At Dana Point Rehab Campus, we use a three-stage approach to detoxification:

3 Stages of Detox to Get Sober- Honey Lake Clinic Blog

Alcohol addiction does not need to control your life any longer. Alcohol detox is the first step in reclaiming your life and finding fulfillment again. We believe in personalized treatment for each patient’s unique circumstances.

Many patients are already familiar with these first withdrawal symptoms. That’s because trying to cut back on drug use, or skipping a dose, will often result in similar side effects. The difference is that in treatment, patients continue to push through the discomfort in order to break the chemical dependency once and for all.

The detox process is the body’s way of removing toxins and waste products. Long-term heavy drinking can cause an excess of toxins in the body. Through alcohol detox, a person can begin to overcome their physical dependence on alcohol. Unfortunately, prolonged alcohol abuse can cause a buildup of tolerance for alcohol as well as biological changes. Alcohol causes the body to create a false balance, and that balance is disrupted whenever someone stops drinking. This disruption can lead to alcohol withdrawal syndrome.