A person who talks exactly as it feels inside own heart and walks outside on the same path in life does not need to detox to make oneself free from the negative people.

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We don't do the difficult work that the recovery centers do. We don't take people in who need to go through detox, what we do is we accept people into our studios when they've phased into a place where that's useful to them ; when they're ready to come out into the light of day. We try to occupy them and mitigate their recidivism.

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Many of the hospitals with dedicated beds for client detox had to reassign them to treat the influx of COVID-19 or critical patients, which limits the available treatment for those clients in acute withdrawal, many private substance use disorder treatment facilities have limited their capacity and decreased their admissions, while some have even closed their doors for the time being.

I’ve tried many ways myself to get clean but it was not until I asked God to help me…. I was in detox and I asked God either let me die right now or help me live a life free of drugs and that was when I got clean.

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