Are you up for the challenge of following a 7-day mental detox? If so, choose a date and get started! Live your best life by detoxing your mind.

Breathing supports detoxification through the lungs, of course, as it takes fresh oxygen into the body and expels carbon dioxide. But breathing has an additional stress-reducing benefit. When we take full, deep breaths, we signal to our bodies that we are okay. Our bodies can come out of the defensive “fight or flight” stress mode and resume normal function in the “rest and digest” healing mode. When we are in this healing mode, our bodies do a better job of digesting, absorbing nutrients and dealing with stress.

7. Do a mental purge: Just jot down the weirdest thoughts persistently crossing the head over or those tiny in-cohesive bits that are blocking one’s mind. Writing them down will be another act of venting out. It will ultimately satisfy the person and will provide him/her a sense of relief.

I have never clicked into ‘Calculator’ more times in my life than I did in the first five days of my social media fast! When I deleted the apps from my phone, everything moved around slightly on the screen and where Instagram used to sit was now the Calculator, so I was clicking into this constantly.

O’Neill applies the same philosophy to relationships. “So instead of a fully removing someone from your life,” she said, “simply put boundaries around how much time you’ll allow that person to occupy in your life.”

OK, so nobody wants to think about the fact that what goes into our bodies must come out, but paying attention to our evacuation system is incredibly important to our health. Whether you like it or not, having regular bowel movements is beneficial for our intestines, allowing us to better absorb water and valuable minerals. And, let’s face it, we are all generally more sociable and amenable when we are not constipated.

Day 6 – 14.

At the start of the New Year or as each season rolls around, many people follow a cleansing diet, or a detox, in order to get their bodies in tip-top shape. These diets normally limit processed, high-fat, and sugary foods, and replace them with more whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes.