What Is The Fruit Flush Diet / Detox Foods

Just looking at all the other comment and I think I am going to start my flush in the morning but no one has said what kind of protien drink is ok!any suggestions? I some times drink Muscle Milk, cause that tast good with just water can any one help me? Please and thank U <3.

Fruit Flush.

I highly recommend this diet to everyone, however make sure you are careful. You all know your own body and how it feels etc.

Fruit Flush Detox Diet

I am at the end of my third day. I stuck with the program exactly. First day was hard as I was tired, second day I had a headache and third day not so bad. I drank a ton of water, too. My issue is that there has been no flush. I hate that the flush did not work for me, but at least I have not had sugar or caffeine for three days.

Costs and Expenses.

Detox Diaries: My Three-Day "Fruit Flush"

What makes this detox plan different from other fruit diets is that it includes lean protein consumed in protein drinks to maintain the body’s muscle and help burn fat.

skip the protein days, just eat fruit and you will see a result plus your metabolism will restart so you aren’t hungry for more calories than you need anymore! I’m doing this tomorrow, can’t wait because this works really well for me although I am SUPER tired and can barely stay awake and in a good mood all day. DO THIS DO THIS DO THIS. Oh and yes drink loads of water. It’s not just water weight that you will lose because it actually stays off.

There is no such thing as too much protein. I disagree with Sarah’s comment to skip the protein day as protein is an essential part of a persons diet. If the person who created the diet recommends including protein, then I would think that is how the diet should be followed. So many essential nutrients are already being cut out in this diet, I would not eliminate the protein. I think you’ll find it will be even more difficult to function on it if you do.