Skinny Teatox Review | Does It Work for Weight Loss? Is It

SkinnyFit tea is available for purchase online via the official website and on Amazon. To the best of my knowledge, it’s only an online product and is not available in brick and mortar retail stores (i.e., Walmart, GNC etc).

Matcha green tea contains caffeine but tends to be a more gentle high compared to coffee. It may also have a mild diuretic effect.

Of course, what weight-loss regimen’s site would be complete without testimonials? Teatox has heaps and heaps of those, and some of them are pure gold:

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Common ingredients of detox teas are yerba mate, senna leaves, dandelion leaves, and tea leaves, and most brands claim that they can help the kidneys and liver remove toxins for better health and weight loss.

Reduction in bowel movements.

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Well! So that leaves us with one maybe and one yes, but only if the product contains caffeine. Wait, this one doesn’t! What?

In this review, I dig deep into SkinnyFit tea’s ingredients and carefully evaluate the marketing claims against what is physiologically plausible and what you can reasonably expect.

Skinny Fit Tea Claims.