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What does a detox feel like in your body? -

In general, symptoms tend to range from mild to severe in intensity. Most affected people will experience mild to moderate symptoms, with a small minority being affected by more severe symptoms.

The type of drug having been abusing, the length of time this drug was being used, and the severity of the illness will all affect how the detox progresses. Underlying medical conditions and mental health problems will also play a role in the type of symptoms that a person experiences.

Medical approaches during a detox programme will depend on the needs of the individual and the type of drug he or she was abusing. Some people will be provided with replacement drugs in tapering doses to help ease the symptoms, while others may be given nutritional supplements to prevent the most severe symptoms from occurring.

Staff at a dedicated detox facility will be able to help you get through this unpleasant process with as little discomfort as possible. For most, a detox programme will take around seven to ten days to complete, and there should be an immense sense of pride and accomplishment felt on completion.

Symptoms Experienced While Detoxing - Dr. Nuzums

Almost everyone who is completing a drug detox will experience mood swings and sleep problems. Other symptoms can include:

There is no doubting the fact that a drug detox is not a pleasant experience and that the affected person is likely to feel worse before feeling better. But what can be assured is that the individual will feel better. Once they have got through the first few days of the process, he or she will notice that many of the symptoms being experienced have begun to subside.

Remember, you are not the first person that the staff at the facility have helped. They will know all there is to know about addiction and how it affects people, and nothing you tell them will leave them feeling shocked. You will certainly not be the only person to have felt suicidal in the past because of their addiction. Nonetheless, the only way for staff to be able to fully help you is if they are in possession of all the facts relating to your case; and you are the only person who can provide these.