Kiwi fruit can also help your digestion, especially if you suffer from IBS. The KIWI fruit contains both proteolytic enzymes and prebiotic carbohydrate fibers which aid in digestion and can help things (waste) g et moving along . Um, no wonder it’s a “regular” breakfast fruit consumption. Yes, SUPER KIWI for super digestion! Pun intended.

How to peel the kiwi the right way?

Their high fiber and low-calorie content make them ideal for weight loss. The edible acid present in kiwi fruit burns fat faster than any other alternative food item.

Kiwi does freeze very well! Peeling and slicing it prior to freezing can help you to be able to grab as much as you want when needed and help prevent you wasted time and space in your freezer.

I hope you give this delicious kiwi & ginger green smoothie a try! And if you do, be sure to tag the picture #AVogelRecipes on Pinterest so we can see :)

You can either scoop out the insides after cutting it in half like we do with avocado or peel the skin off using a peeler.

Lemon/Lime – Vitamin C and good for cleansing the liver. Parsley – rich in Vitamin K and is another great digestive aid! YAY! coconut water (if you don’t have celery juice or juicer) – rich in potassium and magnesium and also acts as a digestive. ginger – anti-inflammatory properties and helps soothe the stomach lining chia seed – fiber and digestive aid (bulking agent) fresh orange juice – Vitamin C pinch of sea salt – great for adrenal health.

Blend the ingredients. Add the liquids ingredients and blend until smooth. Feel free to more ice or liquid to reach your desired consistency.