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Undergoing A Drug Detox Without A Rehab Programme.

A drug detox is required when you become addicted to certain types of illicit substances. These illicit substances requiring a medically assisted detox give rise to physical withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to cease taking these drugs. Examples of drugs giving rise to physical withdrawal symptoms and hence requiring a detox include alcohol, opiates and certain prescription drugs such as benzodiazepines and hypnotics. In contrast, drugs that do not give rise to physical withdrawal symptoms and do not require a medically assisted detox include cannabis, cocaine and amphetamines.

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Anti-withdrawal medications aim to slow down these changes by mimicking the drug you are addicted to. However, these anti-withdrawal medication will not allow you experience a feeling of ‘being high’ so they thus have a low abuse potential. During the conclusion of your detox programme, anti-withdrawal medications will themselves be reduced and then ceased. At this point, you are said to be ‘fully detoxed’.

A detox typically takes around 14 days to complete. As a rule of thumb, an opiate detox will take longer than an alcohol detox. Addiction to certain addiction drugs may take up to four weeks to complete. A detox programme treats the physical symptoms of drug addiction. To treat the underlying mental causes of drug addiction, you must generally undertake a rehabilitation programme. This requires around 30 to 90 days to complete.

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If you do elect to complete a residential rehabilitation programme, you may instead choose to undergo therapy on an out-client basis. This treatment may be offered by the same treatment clinic where you underwent your residential detox programme. Alternatively, the clinic where you underwent your detox may be able to recommend another treatment provider that specialises in out-client treatment.

A drug detox will always begin with an initial assessment. This assessment aims to capture relevant information about you and your addiction to drugs. The assessment will determine your personal details and any information concerning the drug addiction history. The assessment will ascertain any previous treatment attempts you have made and whether you suffer from dual diagnosed mental health problems.

You may qualify for our rapid detox programme, for instance for heroin. Our standard drug detoxification programme runs for 10 days but custom packages are available.