Puy lentils make a happy marriage with sweet potatoes and quinoa and a ton of healthful veggies in this delicious salad.

I know, pakoras on a detox diet might seem really, really odd, but consider this: these pakoras don't have a drop of oil in them. No siree bob. But what they do have is sweet, healthy corn and a spiced chickpea batter that make them absolutely, wonderfully healthy for you.

Not only does this soup look warm and inviting, it’s the perfect go-to soup to help detox the sins of the holidays away from your body. This sweet potato based soup is packed with vitamin A and fiber and the red lentils and crunchy nut toppings bulk it up so it won’t feel like you’re drinking your dinner as opposed to eating something substantial.

This is one of my favorite recipes ever on this blog, and that's saying something considering I've been blogging recipes for 10 years now. This gluten-free gumbo is also oil-free but it is so tasty that you will be wanting to detox on this forever.

My favorite thing about this soup is just all of these delicious, clean flavors that come together beautifully.

I like to call this my all-natural energy drink! Chia Fresca has been a popular drink in Mexico and Central America for many years. It’s made up of water, chia seeds, lemon or lime juice, and sweetener. Thanks to the chia seeds, it’s packed with nutrition and the lemon or lime juice aids in detoxifying the body. Drink it after a wild night (such as NYE!) or anytime you need a boost. I know I’m going to have a bottle ready for New Year’s Day…

If the holidays have left you feeling like you're carrying a tofurkey to full term, here are 15 vegan detox recipes that will make you glow from the inside out. And you can chow down on them without any guilt -- even eat for two -- because all of these are really, really good for you.