Clean -- Expanded Edition: The Revolutionary Program To

This book states that much of the food we eat is toxic – processed foods (or “foodlike products”) and many other more “natural” foods and other environmental factors. The toxins are stored in our bodies, and our waste systems can’t get rid of them if they’re constantly bombarded with them. Following the diet and lifestyle recommendations in the book, you can give your body’s waste systems a chance to clean out the toxins, which will improve your health. Clean will also help improve your intestinal flora, leading to better immunity. It promises to restore the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Today is the last day of detox. I’ve been dancing and singing all day. My face is sore because I can’t stop smiling. My boyfriend called me a radiant, beautiful, and joyous bundle of energy. THAT right there folks, is the most amazing compliment I have ever received. Oh joy. . . . life feels great!

Twenty-one days is all it took to change my life around. I thank Dr. Junger from the bottom of my heart. I feel amazing. To sleep a deep sleep throughout the whole night is pure bliss. I have so much energy. I’ve lost the puffiness AND six pounds. I have toned and tightened up all over. . . . My skin is smooth and clear, seemingly with no pores. The sugar cravings have left me. I also am so much more aware . . . my head is clear and I’m no longer on autopilot. In fact, I have discovered that my body is incredibly smart, and I’ve learned to listen.

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Sugar. I ran into a friend who works at the Starbucks at Kroger, she was raving about things that were on Starbucks secret menu (I didn't know they had one, I guess because it's a secret) and insisted on making something for me that was supposed to taste like a Werther's candy. Not to be rude, I took it, tasted it and it felt like someone punched me in the face. Terrible!! Too damn sweet. I said it was fantastic (lied) and threw the rest out as soon as I could.


Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Bodys

The first seven days of any program are the most critical. Undertaking a new routine is stressful, and tests our commitment, willpower, and focus. Understanding exactly what’s going on in your body—why you might feel fatigue on day two or cravings on day five—is the key to success. A doctor who’s helped millions, Dr. Junger personally guides you through the process, offering a clear, day-by-day, meal-by-meal exploration of what’s happening in your body to keep you focused on your goals.

If you want to read one really loooooong infomercial about how thousands of people miraculously cured from diseases such as cancer, heart disease and so on, then this is a book for you. There is not ONE single reference to any scientific study or anything whatsoever. The author defends this by saying scientific studies cost so much money only pharmaceutical companies can do them and they will Your typical American bullshit. I can't even put this book on my non-fiction shelf, that's how bad it is.