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Many people don’t realize that in addition to its detoxification duties, the liver also helps manage blood sugar levels. So if your liver is overburdened with toxins and isn’t in tip-top shape, blood sugar takes a hit.

Allergic to eggs, or just or tired of them? Another great source of choline is liver! Look for organic and pastured sources to get the healthiest livers you can. If you’re not a big fan of liver, try chicken livers—they have a milder flavor you won’t even notice in recipes. Other 21DSD-friendly sources of choline include beef, salmon, and scallops.

Sugar detox day 1.

Sugar Detox: Day 1

You may experience: No effects at all, or possibly some extremely strong cravings later in the day. Those cravings are likely more emotional than physiological—your mind misses the foods you’re not eating more than your body does at this point. You may feel extra hungry, or you may feel like you are eating a lot more food than you’re used to—and that’s okay! (Remember, this isn’t a diet, so if you’re hungry, eat something from the YES foods list*.)

Day 1.

Sugar Detox, Day 1 | Thin Runner

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