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Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat, Marbella, Spain — from £240 a night.

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain — from £362 a night.

Yobaba Lounge, France — from £218 a night.

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The team at Oceano on the stunning north side of Tenerife believe the intestine is the "foundation for good health" and their Detox programme, based on F. X. Mayr Medicine, aims to get you back to a state of relaxation and balance. This is done through light food, assorted treatments, and training to get your metabolism going again. From £1,205 for a 14 day detox programme.

Yoga therapist Rosa Klein has a gentle approach to yoga, meaning Yogarosa Retreat is the perfect spot even for a beginner.

Top 10 Detox Retreats in Austria

Enjoy four half-days of treatment in the Vinotherapie Spa and lounge in the indoor and outdoor swimming pools and jacuzzis, and four sessions with a fitness instructor. This includes jogging around the woodlands, time in the fitness centre and tennis. If that's not enough, cycle or take a walking tour around the surrounding vineyards, or take a healthy cuisine cooking class from Nicolas Masse, the chef of La Grand'Vigne restaurant. From £2,628 for six nights.

Whether you're in need of a detox, looking to lose some weight, quit smoking, or simply want to relax, you don't have to go far from home. Platinum Healing offers 10 different four-night retreat packages, each of which include a juice detox, that cater to both men and women. From £649 per person for a four-night retreat.