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Detox Kitchen - Healthy Meal Delivery

Day 2 began with a grumble from my tum but nothing that wasn’t easily dampened out by a morning juice and the thoughts of my (reference menu) carrot crudités and broad bean mash…? Eh, for breakfast? I stood amongst the naysayers in the office kitchen that morning but was surprised upon tasting the green mix to find that I liked it, rather a lot actually. Day two my palette just wasn’t as excited by what I was eating. Perhaps knowing this was my last trial day had left a feeling of discontent. The day ended with less of a hunger pang than it began. Progress.

I've been getting deliveries from Detox Kitchen for years and I love it. Everything is top quality and delicious.

Fresh, Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Door - Detox Kitchen

I love detox kitchen!

Plus, with 80 per cent of its ingredients coming from the UK and all meat being sourced from free-range animals in Chiswick, it’s easy to trace where your food came from, a rarity in this day and age.

Detox kitchen.