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The company has also used a Thermal Imaging Camera, a medically approved camera widely used in hospitals, to photograph the effect of the AQUA DETOX™ session on the body. This camera recorded the fact that during and after AQUA DETOX™session the temperature of the patient’s legs is significantly increased, (by more than 1°C), indicating that the circulation has been improved significantly.

What does it do?

How much does it cost? One Aqua Detox treatment costs €40. Aqua Detox Courses are available at the Claudia McGloin Clinic. IMPORTANT: There are now many unscrupulous foot spa ionising treatments on the market. So, before you even consider undertaking a course of any foot spa ionising treatments, you should first ask to see the actual research conducted on that specific machine, to verify that the treatment will deliver what is promised. Each make of machine is different and many machines operate at other frequencies to those used by Aqua Detox TM which may not be safe , so please be aware of this. Price One Aqua Detox Treatment €40 Course of 3 Aqua Detox Treatments €100 Course of 6 Aqua Detox Treatments €200.

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Can any side-effects occur? Side effects are rare. Depending on the health state of the body, occasionally people will experience a mild headache and or exhaustion after a treatment. This is actually a positive response as the body is letting you know that it needs rest and a complete detox is in process. If experienced, these symptoms have not been reported to last past the first day and we recommend increasing your water intake during these 48 hours. In very few patients, your ankles may experience minor swelling for the first hour after treatment. This will go away within the hour.

It is suitable for everyone from babies to the elderly, EXCEPT those with pacemakers, epilepsy and pregnant women (if you inadvertently have a treatment whilst pregnant, there is no cause for concern, however we would advise against any future treatments during pregnancy). Always check with your doctor if you have any doubts about having a treatment.

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